[:fa]ایمپلنت‌های دندانی[:fa][:en]Dental Implants [:en]

Dental Implants

Implant is a replacement for missing teeth and it is very important for the health of the patient to have a natural appearance and made of high quality materials. Doctor Ardakani is one of the most experienced and skillful dentist in implant surgery and creating a natural appearance. Using the best International implant brands, is our priority.
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[:fa]لیزردرمانی[:fa][:en]Laser Therapy[:en]

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy has always been an interest for clinicians and patients because of more advantages and fewer complications in comparison to surgical procedures. Laser treatment alongside other therapies increases their efficacy. In our clinic, gum disease is treated with laser resurfacing with minimal discomfort for patients.
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  • Before the beginning of the treatment, Dr Ardakani explained dental problems patiently and cleared all the procedure for me, so I could pass the treatment period more confidently and gain the best result.
  • Knowledge and experience of the dentist, eliminate the patient's fear. When I chose doctor Ardakani as my dentist I had been treated regularly and without worry. Now I am satisfied about my dental health.

Through simple points and oral hygiene basics take a step toward your teeth health.